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Beautiful Dreamer

~Some say dreams are windows to other relms~

3 June 1988
Hello There! You want to read my biography? Well.. It all started many years ago... The BIRTH OF MOI! Stuff happened, time went by.. Now I'm here! Ok some bastics:
I'm Hungarian- Mexican. My dad was born in Hungary, my mom Mexico. The best joke I've heard about my nationality combo: "So your a hungry mexican then?". No ones been able to top that.
I'm pretty much open to everything! I love trying new things, new experiences. Even if it does take me a few HOURS of mental preparation.haha ^_^ If its fun, I'm up for it. What else? I Lurrrve movies! I like to think that my taste in music is very diverse. Not only genre wise but also culurally. From American, to hungarian, even some japanese (Curtesey of my japanese fanatic friend! Who, by the way, got me to join!) all over!.