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07 May 2008 @ 04:09 pm

sweet crepes
Originally uploaded by *~ACharmedMoonBeam~*
For some reason I was under the assumption that mothers day was this past saturday not this upcomming one. *doh!*.
So ours came early this year. I made my madre breakfast which came out quite nice and tre tre tastey!

Whole wheat- cornmeal Crepes!
Some sweet some savoury. I put homemade jam (from berries I picked behind the apartment complex in tally) and chcoalte a melted down on/ in them.
In the savoury ones (which had herbs and such) my dad made scrambled eggs and put it inside.

Specially brewed coffee concoction. I mixed Ethiopian cofee with haxelnut coffee, then some of the rose marzipan tea (anything to get rid of it!), then a hint of teh melted chocolate.

They ate outside. and enjoyed themselves. It was pleasent. On flikr I have a few more pictures of the crepes and the parents.

On my laptop I have pictures of some others things I wanted to talk about... so I guess I wont mention them now.
heh If I break up the posts it will seem less strenuous to read. lol
01 April 2008 @ 06:34 pm

So I was going to make the journal public so that friend without LJ could see the photos I post up. buuut I decided to nix that so majority of it (if not all) shall just be private. If your a friend and you want to see the pics, email me and Ill send you a guest account ive created.
23 September 2007 @ 11:20 pm
VXangelkissxv, you were very right. I got into a fight with my sister and I thought about how you said I could just leave teh house. It took me 2 hours to think or a place I felt trapt. BUT THEN-I ended up going to the school. walked around campus, Went swimming, hot tub, sauna. I came back home at like 10:30 (pm)
Thanks cait!

Saturyday we went to "WAkulla" springs. You hear springs.. what do you think of? I think of beautiful scenery, maybe some "cliffs" (ok not cliffs but big rocks), rivers etc. We get there and its a freakin swamp hole. Tre disappointing.

(what I imagined (top).. what I got (bottom)..)
A lot of people love it.. but it wasnt my cup of tea.

Later I went to the mall with my new friend! Yep, I made a friend. Her name is Nadia. I bought a shirt- lol there goes the 20 bucks I set aside. But hey thats why its put aside and not put in teh savings jar!.

In the evening I was supposed to go to the student theatre with Nadia to see POTC but she had to cancel so I just went by myself. Its LONG! I was thinking about leaving early but I stayed then when it was over I had to stay throughout teh credits because I knew they were going to put a hidden scene. I couldnt not stay for that, come on now. It was a good hidden scene. BUT the movie altogether. What can I say? THe 2nd and 3rd movie didnt give me that WOOSH adventurous feeling I had when I saw teh first. hmmm, it wasnt bad though.
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22 September 2007 @ 10:18 am
Background entertainment sends me more job opportunities that that mean agent in south FL.
BE emailed me another announcement, this time its a casting call for extras needed in Ace Ventura 3. There actually filming over teh weekend! So I sent them my availability. Hopefully they call. M. Suppe said she would go with me, I could stay at her place. It was all set up. Then last night she acted like we were just talking out of our ass. "what your really going to do it?"... uhh.. yeah.
No suprise she backed out. She tends to flake out a lot when it comes to certain thing. She said before that he would pay for my gas with her dads gas card because she really wanted to see me... I wonder if that offer is still up. lol
Anyways! AV3 is not going to be a prequal. I think its a sequal about Ace's son.. I dont know. but the little boy from Nancy drew is going to be in it. Hes a cutie, very funny. I think hes a good actor especially for a little one.
(I wish I had been able to do that last movie with Sean Farris and Dijmon Houston. *drool* so hot!)
OK I CANNOT be afraid to take pictures. Even if they say its not allowed I have to snap one.
oh damn.. my camera has no batteries. I have the charger but no batteries! I need to ask my dad to mail them up.

*positive thinking*
I will get a call. I will get a line this time. I will get noticed. I will make connections!

Sydney White comes out this weekend. My friend from set sent me a behind the scenes clip and I could see myself! I was wearing a bright orange shirt- not hard to find. lol.
Gotta go see that. If you can see me I'll be sure to alert the presses. lol


In other movie news.
I love the student theatre here at FSU. Thursday night I went to go see "Paris, J'taime".
It was good. My sister was disappointed with it. I was half expected to be more into the trailer than teh movie because usually whenever theres a movie loaded with actors I like I get so excited and its a dud in my eyes yet HUGE everywhere else.
This was a movie 21 directors and like I said LOADED with good actors. Each director gets a little sot to make a short movie. Like short stories in literuature none of the stories were connected. Simple one story.. then the next. Some of the stories were confusing and lame. Others were good :)
I reccomend it.
*positive thought* I will learn French and live in France
heres teh trailer. I love the song they play in the trailer and end of the movie. Very pretty.
12 August 2007 @ 11:44 pm
I made a loverly breakfast the other morning. I looked up a recipe for le scones the night before, and my good friends they actually came out quite good! Yes, I was finally able to bake something that actually cooked through.
I thought they were going to be little things, so I was thinking I would have a bunch of sides to each with it. Veggies etc. I ddidnt know. Then I looked in the over and saw it poofed up.

O.O wow...poofy, no?

Seeing how big it actually was (recipe serves 12) I just had some cherries and warm coco - nesquik + Silk style. mmm

its a healthy recipe too. (Can't forget that "healthy" bit when searching for goodies). So instead of cream and 5 sticks of butter that apparently some recipes call for.. weird...the healthy recipes only call for one tablespoon. Why so much butter people?
this was a simple recipe that I made a few changes.
one cup white flour
one cup whole wheet flour (my change, based on another recipe I saw)
lemon zest
one cup nonfat Yogurt
1/4 cup honey (my change)
dash of salt
one tsp baking soda
one tsp baking power
2 tblspoon olive oil
one egg
one tbspn butter

-then add what you want as in, this recipe was for orange raisin scones. but I tossed in blueberries and cherries instead. oh yeah and I added a little vanilla and cinemon.

mix dry ingreidents in one bowl
in another bowl mix the wet ingreidents (+ zest). Melt butter and pour in. Once its all mixed up pour into dry mix, stir just until everythings combine. A lot of the recipes I read kept saying not to mix it too much just enough to mix it all up. (maybe to keep it light?)
put it all ontp baking sheet and spread it out into a 1/2 inch circle. Take a knife (I got the knife wet so It wouldnt stick to the dough) and cut it into 12 peices - basically I'm thinking this is to get the lines so you can see where to cut when their done. GIve it that scone shape. tee hee I wanted that! The scone shape. lol

I dont know if scones are supposed to taste like muffins but mine was more of a biscut. Some say they put butter or jam on it, so I think that I had teh right flavour going. lol Everyone liked them too. woop!

heres the link to the recipe I used in case I forgot to mention something.
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That is the question. At first i wanted to work as much as possible my last months of summer. I applied to a few places, turned down a few thinking I could get better pay somewhere else but it didnt really work out that way. But hey everything happens for a reason. Now i'm thinking part time or even part part tiome and einstiens. They said 10 hours max. That way I can make some money but still have a summer vacation. CVS was my backup plan but they said they cant hire me because their full. i didn't take it personal because I knew they were already cutting back hours. My old manager said he could  hook me up somewhere else but after thinking about it... heh a week.. If ic ant work with the people I know and I'm friends with I dont want to work at CVS. 
we'll see what happens. 

in other news I have the secret that is going to SAVE my grandmamala! 
First off, you know all those saying "we're all connected"/ "everything happens for a reason"/ "butterfly effect" etc..? well my grandparents found in the paper this new bank that has great interest rates in savings. 5%! Oh yeah, screw my mom I'm putting my money in with theirs. Anyways, while they were down there one of the employees recognized them speaking Hungarian. "I have a friend whose hungarian-- Fekete is his [last] name" and what do ya know.. Fekete is a friend of my grandparents. Then somehow the conversation went to my grandmothers tumour and the ladty said her friend drank some kind of juice that cured her. 
We went back and the lady gave my grandma a bottle of it! Monavie thats the name of it. It has Acai berries in it. 

For those of you who havent heard, Acai (ah-sigh) are quite the new popular berry. Very healthy, very tasty. Also gives you engery. No joke, my grandme took a shot of in in the morning and said she felt very energized.

My grandma was so grateful I could see she was about to cry. I looked it up and found an article that said among the other health benifits they found that Acai seems to be able to kill cancer cells because its loaded with antioxidants. 
Same with mangos, blueberries, guava. 
The artcle, a study done at UF, said theydidnt want to give anyone false hope because it also depends on how much your body absorbs, the motabolism etc.

Heres where my ingenius mind kicks in. So we know that mangos and such are high in antioxidants. In fact my grandma keeps saying how she ate a lot of mangos last time she beat cancer.
So key foods to eat: Fruits and veggies high in antioxidants. BUT The trick is....
Avocados! I read on this healthy foods website that avocados actually help you absorb the carotenoids in fruits and veggies better.

Just looked it up..Carotenoid can--" carotenoids have received a tremendous amount of attention as potential anti-cancer and anti-aging compounds. Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants, protecting the cells of the body from damage caused by free radicals"

So if my grandma eats a slice of avocado before she eats the other stuff she'll absorb it better making her body fight harder against the cancer! :D
Slight problem...She cant remeber what I tell her about the avocados. Her memory is pick and choose. And she knows that shes pretty select when it comes to shopping for veggies. Not that she doesnt like it, shes just not used to buying them/ doesnt know how to prepare them. Which means we'll just have to buy it and make it for her! 

My dad wrote down on a big peice of paper the info about fruits and avocados so they can remeber. *fingers crossed*

Its in the bag, baby!

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19 June 2007 @ 07:56 pm
^ (top said in ROn Burgandy voice.lol)

Hello Hello all! -Do I have any readers out there??
Well I just got back the other night from a lovely North Carolina / Tennesee get away!
After orientation in Talahassee- which by the way was a complete pain in the arse. It was the exact same crap I had to listen to when I went to UCF. I hate that just because I was 2 classes shy of being considered a "sophmore" I still had to go to a freshman orientation. pfft. What a load-
I don't want to talk about school here. This is about N.C & TN
Moving right along...
After we left tally we headed straight up; we were going to stop in Kennesaw, Ga and stay with my dad's friend but he had the feeling that maybe it wasn't a good time for us to come over (didn't sound too welcoming on the phone) so we got a hotel just south of Atlanta. The next morning we headed for the mountains!
Word to the wise if your ever up north on Natahalla Mountains Take 19 up and you'll come across all the cool rafting places and such. After looking at 2 we thought we found one that had a good deal at $25 a person if you go on a raft with a guide. $15 if you dare to hit the waters by yourself. I was all up for going at it alone, after all the waters were only levels 1-3 (which aren't bad at all. its the upper levels that are for professionals). The old woman tha twas running the place insisted that my scaredy cat mother come along with us so we ended up taking the guide. It was rather sad actually. The womans husband health wasn't too great-- alzheimers and such. So she was really stressing the importance of making memories with your family. Our guide was an Indian man named, Wolf. Son of a Navy-man, born in Texas... I'm sure his real name was William or something but he was really laid back and cool. He was in touch with his native side too, he had a tatoo of his grandfather who was apparently Guantanamo... I dont remeber the name but my dad knew who he was talking about so he was apparently well known. Neato.
The water was freezing YET Refreshing. lol You know when its the winter time and you and your friends want to go swimming so you quickly hop into the pool and at first its so cold you think you'll die but after you float around a bit and the numbness kicks in it actually feels pretty niice? Thats what it was like. We didn't go swimming or anything, I gathered this assumption for the water that piled into the raft when we hit a wave. XD Aside from cold legs it was SooOoo beautiful.
Afterwards we got a room for two nights at a cute little hotel that was right in the middle of our "action". My dad wanted to go to cherokee. I kept telling him that Cherokee is really commercial and not great at all but he wouldn't listen. All the stores are nothing but those crap tourist shops you go into but never buy anything, the same stuff you find in the shops in orlando... or any other crap store like that. I wanted to get in his face and yell "I told you so" when we got there.. Which I did...kind of. (I was in a bitchy mood that night).
We left and went to Gailtlinburge, TN. *sigh* I love it there. But lets skip over to the next day because we got into a fight that night and it wasn't too good.
Day 3: Starting the day a bit late we headed over to this little horse back riding place we had seen last year.
(Back story) On the way home last year while we were driving I saw the sign to this place and we found out they had a GREAT deal on horseback riding. $15 per person/ an hour. Just as my dad was about to pay thumder boomed and it started to pour. In the blink of an eye my dad put his money away and we left.
(present) Nice weather, no rainy clouds all was well. The man that was behind the counter was one of those sweet, homely, country fellas. When he told my dad that they don't take credit cards he said, "*light laugh* no, momma never let us set up for that on account of how much percent they take out of it". --He had such a kind voice. I wish I took a picture of him. (long salt-n-pepper hair, handlebar mustache, and of course long overalls)
We rode around the side of a mountain, before we left the woman handed me a stick on account of (hey gotta get in characater) on account of my horse being a slow poke. I was afraid it would get angry with me if I hit it, but once I heard someone tell another rider that they can hardly feel it I tried to give it a tap. By the end of the ride I was trying to kick it (softly) swat it anything to get it to move a bit faster...No response. Ok it responded once with a mini acceleration that lasted 3 seconds. lol
oh yeah my horse also had GAS it was farting in my dad's horses face. haha! It was funny XDD
We were going to go rafting again that day (without a guide) but we went back to Gatlinburge instead. I really wanted to dinner there- we did, I had the grouper, it was really good. Mm boy.
AS I said before I < heart 3 Gatlinburg. Sure its a touristy but its a good kind of tourist town. Really cute and quaint, lot of little specialy shops. (It does have a few of the lame tourist shops like orlando but theres so many other shops that it doesnt bother me.)
After dinner I wanted to go to the Donut Friar

(tee hee I found the shops pictures on google) to get some hot chocolate and a cookie (total: $1.50-ish). It hit the spot ^_^
The next morning we had to leave early what with the long ride home (14 hours). *tear* I miss it already. Now that I'm back I think I need to get a job to start saving to move up there.

ALSO, big announcement!
For a few months now I've been thinking about a little shop I'd like to start when I move up. Just a passing idea I've had a few times. On the way back home I really started to think about it. I don't want to give it away. *looks around*. Can't be too safe. But Lets just say I drew up a little blue print and what it is I want to sell, do/ make of it. I even looked up some sites for beginning entreprenuers. Theres a lot of help out there for youngsters to get started.
Dream big!

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11 June 2007 @ 11:09 pm
...and straight until morning. 

I've started to read the original Peter Pan by J.M Barrie. It isn't very long I'll probably finish it while I'm away at orientation. So far its just as sweet as expected. The reveiws say its a bit darker than disney's version. I havent seen anything darker, but I've only just started. -The Kids have just left with Peter Pan through the window.
My plan was to watch Finding Neverland after I finished reading it. *tear* Good movie.. good movie. 

By the way, I FINALLY had an x-files dream! Ok well.. it was kind of an x-files dream. Well Gillian Anderson was there as scully. I don't really remember much, but at first there were a lot of weird people around. Then some girl and I ran into a church (looked like St. Colemans) and we hid underneath a peu/ table thing. people are still all around the church. Scully walks in and towards us. 
-This is where it becomes more of X-files the show not an x-file. I was thinking of ways to make better affects. So I decided to get teary and cry when Scully came to talk to us. "I- I dont know.." as in I didnt understand what was happening.
Yeah that was it.. Hopefully next time it will be more interesting. XD

Well I'm off to practice a bit of French, aurevoir!

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01 May 2007 @ 10:16 am
Yesterday morning I decided to whip out the ol' juicer and try this carrot and apple combination my friends were telling me about. 3 apples 6 carrot *zipz zip*. (yeah all that and I don't even think it made a cup of juice) It was quite tastey nonetheless.
Anyways, just as I was about to clean up I noticed just how much pulp was left in the "garbage" section of the juicer.
I remebered when I tried to make the juice before with a blender how I steamed the fruit and veggies and added water - making a kind of apple-carrot sauce. So I put the pulp in a pot added water (to revirgorate it). to make it again.
Then the idea of making a cake came to mind.
I put some of the sauce aside and saved the rest for my experiement.
While I was tossing in igreidients I thought to look at the ingridients of those Odowala granola bars (all natural mucho tastey). In the end I made my own version of them.

Suprisingly enough...Their good!

><lj-cut text="Ingredients">
Homemade Granola Bars
-good way not to let so much go to waste when you use the juicer
  • Carrot & Apples pulp
    • add water to the pulp. Make it somewhat thicker than apple sauce
  • Cinnemon
  • 3 Cloves (I doubt the cloves made any difference but I tossed it in because I love the way they smell)
  • Teaspoon brown sugar
  • Raisins
  • Walnuts
  • Flaxseed
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • Crisp rice
    • Luckily I had to go to walmart for something so while I was there I thought I would get a little box of rice crispies but I ended up finding a bag of Puffed Brown Rice for only 76 cents. Can't beat that!
  • Splash of Cranberry juice
  • Baking Soda (I'm gonna say it was a little more than 1/4 teaspoon?)

*Consistency should be thick but not too thick, meh you know how it should look. lol
Put it on a baking sheet and with a spoon shape it/ flatten it. (Not too flat, maybe like...1/4 -1/2 inch.)

Preheat Oven to 375. Bake time: 50-55 min... or an hour to be safe. (or..longer. lol)

Usually when I try to make cakes the inside is always so damn mushy, even when you do that stupid toothpick test. Luckily Granola bars are thinner. Yes their softer but its ok. Granola bars come soft. lol 

 I love biting into the rasins. mmm but you can toss whatever you want in those babies .have fun with it! 

update: my grandma who is upfront and honest about things said she liked it too!

I'm so excited I get to blog my first recipe! :P

(damn. I cant figure out the Lj cut thing again...rrr!)
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24 April 2007 @ 12:29 am
I only have to take two final exams: College Algebra & Philisophy. I'm feeling pretty good about Math, its just a matter or practicing the work. I've been doing good staying on top of that.
-Have I menioned I like math again? :)

However, I am completley dreading my philosophy exam! I was doing well, the frist two tests I got a high B, which I was proud of because its not that easy to get notes down (the teacher talks fast, bounces around, and in general its nt that easy to understand)
THe last test was an open book test and it crushed me. With 10 extra credit points I still got a D. I was really upset/ pissed. But now because of that grade I'm so afraid of the final which is supposed to be an essay.
I was studying just now for roughly an hour and a half. I feel like I did nothing. He says that it wont be as detailed which makes me lightly reading the material is good, (as in not scrutinizing over everything) but then I worry "well he says know general idea/ be able to show me you understand this stuff" he still wants us to be detailed.
ahh Im freaking out.
I need to call the philosophy major in our class. He lent me his notes once and gave me his number. Im sure he regrets that, I'm callin ghim tomorrow!!